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{"API Integrations"}

API Documentation
This is an API providing machine readable access to the integrations that are available via this platform.
API Integrations API OpenAPI: (JSON)
base url:
Get Integrations /integrations/ GET
Get All Social Integrations /integrations/social/ GET
Get Storage Integrations /integrations/storage/ GET
Get Payment Integrations /integrations/payments/ GET
Get Spreadsheet Integrations /integrations/spreadsheets/ GET

  • name (string) - The name of the API integration.
  • identifier (string) - A unique identiefer for the API integration.
  • url (string) - A URL to find more information about integration.
  • description (string) - A descripton of the integration.
  • image (string) - An image representation for an integration.
  • imagewidth (integer) - An image width for the integration.
  • category (string) - A category for the integration.
  • brand (string) - A brand associated with the integration.